Is there more than 4 dimensions to the universe?

Dimensions to the universe

Is there more than 4 dimensions to the universe? Science is the rational exploration of possibilities. And, in reality, this concept is right; in order to understand the secrets of the world, we must contemplate an infinite number of alternatives. Science and the scientists who work on it generate several lines of reasoning, which we … Read more

Can String Theory Solve the Universe’s Mysteries?

a person thinking for string theory

Theoretical String Theory String theory is an active area of particle physics research that seeks to reconcile quantum physics and general relativity. According to string theory, the fundamental particles in an atom (such as electrons, quarks, and so on) are one-dimensional oscillatory lines called strings rather than point particles. In layman’s terms, string is the … Read more

Understanding Quantum Physics 5 Interesting Facts

Quantum Physics Facts

Understanding Quantum Physics 5 Interesting Facts Quantum physics is a branch of physics also known as contemporary physics. Whereas, in general, the type of physics we learn in school is classical physics, sometimes referred to as Newtonian physics, after Isaac Newton, a pioneer in physics. meanwhile, Albert Einstein created quantum physics, which changed many people’s … Read more

X17 particle – Is there a fifth force that contributes to the universe’s stability?

X17 particle

Over the years, the discovery of dark matter—and the related particles and forces we have come to expect—has resulted in a number of false dawns. Despite our best efforts, any proof of the production of this invisible kind of matter, which is assumed to account for the vast bulk of everything in the known universe, … Read more